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About FCS

Functional Coating System is a start-up company derived from the Industrial Technology Research Institute, focusing on [functional composite coating process] and [vacuum equipment technology]. Its main business areas are [semiconductor consumables and components] [sensors] [PCBA boards] and other needs Waterproof insulation coating foundry service.

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Integrity, Professionalism, Quality, Innovation

The technical team has been dedicated to the functional coating process and vacuum equipment technology for 15 years in the Industrial Technology Research Institute, from hardware equipment, software programs, material applications and process integration, mainly serving End-user Customer needs, to provide customers with complete technical solutions. The current production equipment has fully automated process capabilities, and cooperates with long-term data database to meet the mass production requirements of high quality coating, high reproducibility, high uniformity, high productivity and high yield.

Solve customer problems with professional technology and provide stable quality services.

We will evaluate suitable coating materials and surface treatment solutions based on the characteristics of the customer's products, and provide optimized process parameters and fully automated production methods to ensure the quality of the customer's products.

Become the leader in the field of waterproof insulation nano coating with the spirit of integrity, professionalism, quality and innovation

The company was established with the ISO spirit and standardized operating system to lay a step-by-step foundation, and focus on the vacuum functional composite coating process and equipment technology to provide customers with complete technical solutions and good product quality

Precision evaporation source module

Independently developed precision powder material evaporation source module, which can accurately control the coating thickness

Vacuum flow field and gas diffusion technology

The integration of vacuum flow field and gas diffusion technology improves the uniformity of coating in the chamber

Vacuum plasma surface treatment technology

Vacuum plasma surface treatment technology strengthens film adhesion and increases product reliability



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